Product Guide

I. How to use a pet microchip injector

First, prepare the chip injector and the chip.

Next, insert the chip into the injector and secure it in place with the clamp at the bottom of the injector.

Clean both the injector and the injection site on the pet's body with rubbing alcohol.

Insert the injector into the injection site on the pet's body and press the button to inject the chip.

Finally, confirm that the chip has been injected into the proper location, remove the injector, and clean and sanitize the injection site.

II. Common problems

The injector fails to inject the chip into the pet's body. This may be due to misalignment between the injector and the chip or a faulty spring in the injector. Check to ensure that the injector is functioning properly and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

The pet experiences an adverse reaction after the injection. Some pets may experience discomfort, swelling, and fever after the injection, which usually resolves within a few hours or days. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical attention promptly.

The chip moves or falls out of the injection site. This may be due to improper injector technique, vigorous activity by the pet, or loosening of the chip itself. Ensure proper injector use and confirm that the chip is firmly secured in the correct location.

In summary, using a pet microchip injector requires skill and experience, and safety and hygiene should be observed during the process. Consult a veterinarian for guidance and assistance as needed.