Frequently Asked Questions


1.How do I inject a microchip into my pet?

Injecting the microchip requires following the instructions carefully to ensure proper, safe injections below the neck of the pet. The instructions include detailed instructions on how to properly inject.

2. Will injecting the microchip hurt my pet?

There may be some discomfort after injecting the microchip, but our injector product can minimize pain. Before injecting the microchip, you can relax your pet using some methods that may alleviate tension.

3.Do I need to provide special care after injecting the microchip?

After injecting the microchip, you only need to disinfect the injection site to prevent infection in your pet. After injection, your pet can continue to live and act as usual.

4.How long until my pet can resume regular activities after being injected with a microchip?

After injection, your pet needs to be quiet at home for at least 24 hours to fully recover. Afterward, pets can gradually recover their normal activity levels.

5. Will the microchip impact my pet's behavior?

The microchip will not affect the pet's behavior because it is only used for identification purposes. And this injection method will not cause any side effects on the body.

6.How do I register my pet Chip?

 Please consult with the pet registration and registration agencies in your country or region to find out how to register the chip. Usually, these agencies will provide you with detailed information and steps.

 You can also contact your veterinary clinic to inquire if they offer pet chip registration services. If they do, they can guide you through the registration process.

Additionally, you can use online pet registration services to register. These services usually require you to fill in some personal information, pet information, and chip number, and then pay a certain fee to complete the registration.

Please note that different countries and regions may have different regulations and rules. We recommend that you carefully read and comply with relevant regulations and rules when registering to ensure successful registration and provide the best protection for your pet.